Why Should You Use Dielectric Grease On Battery Terminals?

While you deal with batteries and connections, you might have usually heard of dielectric grease. Have you?

Some people consider it as the best battery terminal applicant whereas some prefer other ones such as vaseline and various terminal sprays. Different people apply it in different ways in order to protect their car battery terminals.

So, what is this grease actually? Is there any right way of applying it? What are the benefits of applying it?

This article below explains everything related to battery terminals and dielectric grease.

What is dielectric grease?

Dielectric grease is a simple waterproof grease used for many applications where effective lubrication and corrosion protection is required.

It is an electrically insulating substance which is insoluble in water and often used to seal electrical conductors.

What are its uses?

Dielectric grease has various consumer uses such as it,

 1. Prevents corrosion

The main use of dielectric grease is to prevent corrosion. It acts as a seal and protects your car battery terminals from various elements of nature such as dust, debris and moisture.

It prevents moisture and other elements from reaching the electrical connections and thus prevents corrosion.

 2. Lubricates the connections

It lubricates the battery terminal connections when applied. It acts as a good lubricator and prevents unnecessary friction at the battery terminals.

Presence of dielectric grease improves lubrication and makes it easier while unscrewing the terminal connections of your car battery.

Right way of applying dielectric grease to your battery terminals

The first step before applying dielectric grease to your car’s battery terminals is to make sure that they are clean.

If they contain any form of corrosion or dirt, clean them using hot water and baking soda. Take the help of a toothbrush to scrape away the built up over the terminals. Make sure that the built-up like dirt and corrosion is washed away completely.

Remove the residue using cold water or with the help of a wet cloth to make the terminals completely clean.

Dry the clamps and battery terminals with a dry cloth. Make sure that the terminals are completely dried before grease application.

Now apply the required amount of dielectric grease into your clean fingers and rub it over the terminals. This process lubricates the terminals well and prevents future corrosion.

Finally, reattach the cables in the correct order.

How much dielectric grease on battery terminals?

As i already told, you must apply the right amount of grease on the battery terminals. But how much quantity is appropriate and how much is excess?

Do you know that dielectric grease is an insulator?

This is the main reason why you should not pack the terminals completely with grease. You should apply the grease sparingly to just to serve the purpose of corrosion prevention.

Applying dielectric grease in excess quantities could lead to improper conduction of electricity. Hence it should not be applied in excess quantities to the electrical connections.

The other reason is that excess grease could gather more dirt and grime which could be another issue.

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