5 Things About Your Battery Charger Reconditioning Mode

Do you know that charging car batteries involve some amount of risk and burden?

Yes, risk of being overcharged, risks of sparks and burden of periodical checks to avoid such accidents. Sometimes they also involve the risk of complete destruction of the battery.

Mostly these tend to happen if you are using an ordinary and regular battery charger.

That is why smart chargers came into place. You can call them smart chargers or automatic chargers or even battery reconditioning chargers.

If you want to stop the process of discarding old batteries and buying new ones and discarding them again once they get old, these reconditioning chargers are the perfect solution. As the name itself suggests, they recondition the batteries instead of just charging them.

It is something called your battery charger reconditioning mode that does the magic. What is this reconditioning mode actually? What does it mean when a battery is reconditioning? Are there any significant benefits of these battery reconditioning chargers?

This article dives deep into all these related topics. Have a look.

Battery charger reconditioning mode

Before talking about this special mode, let us understand what are these battery reconditioning chargers and how are they different from the ordinary chargers.

The Battery reconditioning charger

If you visit an auto repair shop, one of the common things that you find in every shop is simply a battery charger. These ordinary battery chargers work well but have some issues involved with them.

Actually, do you want to always keep an eye on your battery while charging it? Or do you want to bear the risk of your battery being overcharged? Well, no one wants it.

I have seen car batteries that looked like a swollen box after being overcharged. All these issues such as overcharging and battery damage might arise while using ordinary battery chargers to charge your batteries.

What are battery reconditioning chargers actually?

The battery reconditioning chargers are actually smart chargers with inbuilt microprocessors to regulate the delivery of current and voltage to the battery while charging.

These highly advanced microprocessors not only carry out the battery reconditioning process but also assess the condition of the battery during the charging process.

It has a sophisticated 7 stage battery charging process for reconditioning batteries, charging them and improving the overall capacity of those batteries.

These chargers prevent the occurrence of issues like overcharging and battery damage which we have discussed above.

What is the battery reconditioning mode?

As i told you the battery reconditioning chargers carry on the charging process which involves mostly a 7 stage or some times an 8 stage charging process.

This 7 step process includes a battery test stage which involves checking the battery voltage. The battery test is conducted for 90 seconds to monitor the voltage and determine the state of charge of the battery.

Battery Charger Reconditioning Mode

If the battery fails to get charged successfully, the mode known as the battery reconditioning mode is turned on automatically.

During this mode, a steady and constant flow of current is sent to the battery to recondition it. This steady current flow is applied for almost four hours, till the cells of your car battery and the electrolyte solution become equal in charge.

After the reconditioning process, the battery is again tested for its recovery. Once the recovery process gets successful, the next phase of the charging process continues.

This reconditioning mode attempts to recover your battery from a deeply discharged state and helps in increasing the performance and life of your battery.

5 things you should know about your battery charger’s reconditioning mode

 1. Not every battery charger available in the market has this battery reconditioning mode in it. Hence before investing in a new charger, it is essential to verify whether the charger can perform the reconditioning process.

 2. As these battery reconditioning chargers have sophisticated built-in microprocessors, the reconditioning mode involves imparting precise and accurate amount of constant current during the reconditioning mode.

 3. The reconditioning mode is automatically activated if your battery fails to achieve the desired charge during the battery test phase.

 4. The reconditioning mode in your smart charger helps in prolonging the life of your car battery. It also helps to maintain the optimum level of functioning of the battery.

 5. After the successful completion of the reconditioning mode, the battery charger automatically shifts to float mode or maintenance mode in order to maintain 100 per cent charge of the battery and also avoid overcharging it.

Benefits of battery reconditioning chargers

Benefits of battery reconditioning chargers

 1. Safety

These smart chargers are safer to use when compared with the ordinary conventional chargers. They are fully automatic and are spark-proof and short circuit proof.

They also have the reverse polarity feature which protects your battery and your car if you make any accidental wrong connections.

Works related to batteries cannot be considered completely safe. These smart chargers thus ensure the safety of your car battery and also yourself.

 2. No risk of overcharging

Do you know that many batteries get damaged mainly due to overcharging when left unattended for hours together?

As these smart batteries are microprocessor-controlled, the charging process is monitored and performed in a controlled way.

Leaving your battery connected to a smart charger even for longer duration does not cause any kind of damage to the battery.

You can get rid of the headache of continuous monitoring of your battery during the charging process.

 3. Efficient functioning

A smart charger not only charges the battery but also enhances the functional capacity of the battery.

The 7 stage charging process which includes the desulfation and reconditioning process, removes the built-up sulfate crystals inside the battery.

This process improves the efficiency of the battery and also restores sulfated batteries to their original capacity.

 4. Longer battery life

You should not worry about charging your car battery only after it fails to start your vehicle. You should always take care of your vehicle’s battery.

Thus taking care of your battery by properly charging it using a smart charger can help prolong its battery life.

Issues such as undercharging and overcharging can have an impact on your battery life in a negative way. As the smart charger ensures accurate charging, this could ensure longer battery life.

 5. Save your money

Buying a new battery when your battery gets old or buying a new battery when your battery gets damaged due to improper charging processes can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Having a battery reconditioning charger along with you can help to rejuvenate those old batteries and eliminate unnecessary battery-related expenses.

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